I can honestly say that Judy has changed my life, initially showing me how to release the equity from my home in order to purchase investment property.

From living from payday to payday, to having three investment properties (and looking to buy more), I have achieved a level of financial freedom that I could only have dreamed of five years ago, and I really do owe this to Judy’s advice, support and thoroughness in finding the most suitable loans for my investment strategy.

Financing is a process that rarely goes smoothly and it’s good to know someone is on your side when things go wrong. Judy has always been there to help sort out any issues with financial institutions, conveyancers and real estate agents; often going beyond what I would expect from a mortgage broker.

I would not even think of looking to anyone else when it comes to financing.

John Drew

Judy has been assisting my husband and myself with mortgages since 2012. We both find her thorough and listens to what we require. Judy has even contacted us to advise when would be a good time to either refinance or request a rate reduction from the bank. We were successful this year in reducing the interest rates on 2 of our mortgages, thanks to Judy’s diligence.

I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

I would recommend Judy to any of my friends as her knowledge is great and she knows where to find the best products to suit our needs.

Alison & Peter Tibbels

I have known Judy for approximately 8 years.

Originally I was using 3 mortgage brokers. I was trying out a few to see which one could help me build my real estate portfolio.

I spoke with each of them to see which one would be best suited to helping me achieve my goal.

Judy was the one who went away and did her homework. Judy came back to me with the most detail , best strategy and financial structure.

Judy listened to my ideas, concerns and questions and took the time to explore numerous options and solutions.

It is evident Judy works hard to find you the best deals , results and advice.

Professional, hardworking and tenacious.

I can highly recommend Judy to help you with your home loan .

John Frith

Judy spent time getting to know my needs and went above and beyond to overcome the plethora of valuation and term obstacles lenders like to throw at borrowers with special requirements. She is diligent and meticulous in her work and preparation of applications, follows up on applications and has a real feel for the market which meant I was able to apply for a different lender in time when the first one was oversubscribed. Come settlement day, the financing for my purchase was well and truly settled despite initial difficulties and she even got me the latest discounted rates from the new lender. Her post-settlement service is brilliant with her checking up on my loan needs recently to see if she can change my loan to a better deal.

I recommend her service to anyone who would like a broker who is in your corner and really cares to get the best deal for you. ”