Commercial Loan

Commercial Loan

Not all lenders will look at the security you are offering for a loan in the same way which is largely dependent on the valuation of the property. Different lenders will offer varying loan to value ratios* on a property and on some properties you may find that a lender will not be willing to take the asset as security at all.

Basically the lender looks at the risk factor of the securitised property. This includes market volatility and fluctuations that will affect the value of the security property as well as the sale of the security property.

Our dedicated team of mortgage brokers is familiar with many different types of specialised securities.  We also have relationships with various lenders and are therefore able to  source the right loan offer in relation to on your requirements.

Some common types of specialised securities included :

  • Smaller sized apartments less than 50 square metres
  • Studio apartments
  • Company title property
  • Multiple units on one title
  • Vacant land
  • Holiday rental property e.g., hotels, motels etc
  • Retirement units
  • Flood affected property
  • Service stations, childcare centres, parking stations etc

* Loan to Value ratios is simply the loan amount divided by the value of your property.

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