Searching For A Better Deal?


Refinancing option is possible if you have an existing loan so you don’t have to be buying or selling your home to move your loan.

See how much you can save against current loan.

Get a free quote and compare your existing mortgage against a panel of lenders.  A simple inquiry can save you thousands of dollars.


Debt Consolidation

We work with our clients to find a cost effective strategy to reduce borrowing charges.  It can be as simple as consolidating your credit cards, personal loans and car loans with your home loan. This could save you a small fortune in interest payments, fees and charges by combining these debts with your home loan. One of our 3 Sisters Finance consultant can help you to restructure your finances and discuss ways for you to obtain the savings and avoid the traps.

Switching Loans to a more appropriate loan with the same lender

Just from switching a loan to a different type of loan can result in lower interest rates or lower or no monthly/annual fees can be sizeable. This can easily cut years off your home loan and essentially save you a considerable amount.


Reduce Time, Let’s Compare

The advantage of using 3 Sisters Finance Pty Ltd is that we source and compare loans, tailored to your needs making the process simple, hassle free, saving you time and money.