Mezzanine Funding


Mezzanine funding is a term used for funding the gap between your primary or first mortgage and the total development costs. This type of funding usually involves development projects and ventures which require additional funding outside mainstream lending.

As a developer in the current climate, you may find that you require a specialised broker to help you source funds to complete your project.  This is where we can help you.

Our brokers are experts in sourcing the best deals for developers no matter what your project may be.

We understand that each project is different and the complexity of funding a property development that is require to complete the project, including the soft costs of the project and any ongoing charges and taxes payable during the course of construction.  We can offer a range of funding from independent sources as well as from banks, ensuring the best financial package is available to our clients.

Moreover, syndicates, private individuals and investment companies, second mortgages are also part of our funding sources which can be structured according to your requirements.

So email or call us on 0420 354 418 if you have a project you need to finance as we are here to help you.